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December 1, 2022





December 6, 2022


Paducah, KY – At its meeting held December 6, 2022 in Paducah, Kentucky, the National Waterways Foundation (NWF) has re-elected the following Trustees:


Cherrie Felder, Channel Shipyard Companies

Peter H. Stephaich, Campbell Transportation Company

H. Merritt Lane, Canal Barge Company

Clark Todd, Blessey Marine

Kristin Beck, LaFargeHolcim

Stephen Sheridan 


The NWF also elected the following new Trustees:

Jennifer Carpenter, CEO, American Waterways Operators

Andrew Brown, Vice President - Legal & Claims, Ingram Barge Company

Jason Nyberg, General Counsel & Secretary, Marquette Transportation Company, LLC 


The following Trustees will continue their unexpired terms:

Teri Goodmann, City of Dubuque, IA

Dan Mecklenborg

Brian Mueller, Heartland Companies

Rev. Mark Nestlehutt, Seamen’s Church Institute

Tim Parker, Parker Towing Company

Dr. Craig Philip, Vanderbilt University

Chad Pregracke, Living Lands & Waters

Nelson Spencer, Jr., Waterways Journal

Anne Thompson, National Corn Growers Association

Kirsten Wallace, Upper Mississippi River Basin Assn.

Rodney Weinzierl, Illinois Corn Growers Association 


The National Waterways Foundation re-elected the following Officers:

Chairman: *Matt Woodruff, Kirby Corporation

President: *Tracy Zea, Waterways Council, Inc.

Vice Chairman: *Robert McCoy, Amherst Madison

Treasurer: *Karl Jefferson, LIUNA

Secretary: Deb Calhoun, Waterways Council, Inc.


*NWF Trustee 


“The wide-ranging expertise and experience of the National Waterways Foundation’s Trustees and Officers continues to serve us well. Commissioning key inland waterways research to enable a better understanding of the criticality of our nation’s inland waterways system remains the Foundation’s mission, and we will continue to succeed with this newly elected slate of Trustees and Officers,” said Chairman Matt Woodruff. The mission of the National Waterways Foundation is to develop the intellectual and factual arguments for an efficient, well-funded and secure inland waterways system.